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Ford Oil Change Services Provided in Port Orchard, WA

Your engine’s various components need proper lubrication for them to function as it should. This requires motor oil, and fresh oil has better lubrication properties to protect your engine from damage. This is because all motor oil degrades over time, leading to the buildup of contaminants. If it becomes sludge-like, it can lead to costly engine damage. Routine oil changes can help prevent this, and you’ll find the best customer service at Port Orchard Ford in Port Orchard, Washington. We can help you with the daunting decision of which type of oil to use for your particular vehicle since there are so many types on the market now. We can then quickly and correctly change your oil to get you back to your busy schedule. Be sure to check our service specials, then schedule an appointment to have your Ford’s oil changed.


Port Orchard Ford Offers Various Types of Oil

We offer a variety of motor oil types, so you’ll find exactly what you need at Port Orchard Ford. We will quickly remove your old oil and filter, inspect your oil reservoir for leaks, then add a new filter and fresh motor oil. When it comes to Ford oil changes, we are your local service department with experts in the area. We provide the following types of oil changes:


Conventional Oil Icon

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is derived from crude petroleum and is also known as Regular or Traditional Oil because it was the first type to be used. This oil is inexpensive, largely because it has little to no additives.

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Synthetic Oil Icon

Synthetic Oil

Also referred to as full-synthetic oil, this type is man-made from various chemicals and additives, specifically designed to enhance its performance properties. While it may be more expensive, it has improved viscosity and thermal resistance, to perform better within your Ford’s engine.

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Semi-Synthetic Oil. Icon

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oil, or a synthetic blend, is a blend of the previous two types. The ratios of conventional to synthetic oil may vary between different options, but they will have no more than 30% synthetic oil. This is enough, however, to provide semi-synthetic oil with similar performance benefits. A good compromise between the two, it is also less expensive than full-synthetic motor oil.

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Diesel Oil Icon

Diesel Oil

Different additives are used in diesel oil to promote lubrication of diesel engines. This type is made for diesel engines exclusively.

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Indicators That It’s Time for an Oil Change

When your Ford starts acting strangely and showing symptoms of poor engine lubrication, it’s time to have your motor oil changed. Have the contaminated oil removed so you can avoid unnecessary engine damage. Below are some indicators that it’s time:

  • Dashboard check engine light illuminates
  • Your Ford is delayed in starting
  • Abnormal ticking sounds
  • Your steering wheel shakes when your Ford is idling
  • An abnormally large amount of exhaust
  • Dirty or dark oil
  • Low motor oil level



Port Orchard Ford in Washington Can Efficiently Change Your Oil

The easiest way to make sure your Ford runs smoothly is to maintain a regular oil change schedule. Check our service specials and combine them with our already affordable prices, and you’ll save on your next oil change at Port Orchard Ford. Our certified technicians are the experts in Ford maintenance, so we can efficiently change your motor oil and help prevent engine damage and costly repairs in the future. With our high-quality service, knowledgeable staff, and genuine OEM parts from the manufacturer, we are your local service department specializing in Ford vehicles just like yours. While we change out your oil, please enjoy our complimentary snacks, beverages and coffee, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs. Schedule an appointment online using our simple scheduling service, and take advantage of our Saturday service hours and complimentary multi-point inspection.



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